GalGael is a community organisation helping to enrich lives by providing a re-connection to place and a sense of belonging through rediscovery of traditional working methods.

What GalGael means

The name `GalGael` is our way of re-rooting notions of identity and belonging in ways that are inclusive not exclusive – recognising there is both a bit of the stranger and a bit of the native in us all.

Our Activities

Boat building

GalGael works together on demanding common tasks that build community and demonstrate ways of living with more humanity. Working together on boats of all shapes and sizes is one of the ways in which we do just this.

Building and rowing wooden boats generate skills, agency and connection to Scotland’s traditions and coastal heritage.

GalGael welcomes private commissions for traditional boats and undertake repairs. Our associate boat-builders, operating from GalGael’s Glasgow workshops, are self-employed and take commissions on our behalf. These highly skilled craftspeople will give you the highest level of skill and service, but your commission will also help us keep traditional craft alive in our workshops, as they share their unique skills with GalGael regulars and volunteers.

Basic Woodwork

In the GalGael workshop we offer a unique work place… a place of respect… a workplace that challenges, inspires and creates the conditions conducive to learning; a place where mistakes are not only made but owned as our best teachers.

At our benches, you’ll build skills and confidence and build the kind of working relationships that will serve you along the way. We take an asset based approach to learning; seeking to reconnect people with the best in themselves and their community as the most effective means of achieving self-reliance and a better quality of life. 

The act of making touches on all aspects of our humanity – it is strengthens our inner resilience. Craft creates working relationships as individuals stand side-by-side engaged in common tasks.

Open Workshop Nights

We have a workshop with tools and benches so every Thursday we open that up to the wider community. We want to share our facilities for people wanting to work on their own projects in their own time. The focus is more on skills sharing than on teaching but there`s usually skilled folk on hand willing to teach a bit of basic skills. Perhaps you have woodwork skills but just lack workshop space? Or maybe you want to pass on your skills in juggling, tapestry or writing?

Thursdays are open format - they very much depend on who shows up and what they bring.  But we can promise workshop space, a basic meal and some banter.

Sunday        Closed
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Tuesday  09:00 - 17:00  Open
Wednesday  09:00 - 17:00  Open
Thursday  09:00 - 19:00  Open
Friday  09:00 - 16:00  Open
Saturday        Closed

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